Resort & Spa for Large and Small Dogs


Our Boarding Facility

We pride ourselves on maintaining a clean and safe atmosphere for our boarding and daycare guests. We believe that your pet should be treated and handled, as it is one of own. Therefore, we have designed and built a facility that makes our guests feel comfortable while they are with us. The kennel is air conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter with our state of the art ventilation system. Music plays 24 hours a day to calm our guests. Our indoor runs feature tiled floors and solid walls separating each section. We have extra large runs to accommodate multiple pet families as well as our regular large runs for single pet boarding.

Small Dog Area


Our smaller guests have their own room with large runs. We encourage families to bring a familiar toy and any bedding, your pet will need to be comfortable.


We have open indoor space for  small dogs to lounge freely indoors, with pet beds,  toys etc with access to the outdoor secure play compond.


Our small dog area has a seperate outdoor play yard away from the larger dogs in the kennel.


A warm friendly enviroment.


Large Dog Area

For our larger dogs boarding with us, we have large and extra large indoor runs along with many outdoor exercise play yards for the enjoyment of socializing, with other guest in the kennel.

At Country Estate Kennels, we do not use cages, all boarding guests have thier own individule space, secure and are not sharing  bedding, drinking and food dishes.


The individual run that your pet stays in, when not outside in the play yard, is a clean, secure and a safe relaxing space to eat and lounge in.


We have large outdoor, open space exercise compounds, with grass and trees, plus individual oudoor runs if we need them. All our yards are secure and supervised by our staff.


All boarding guests at Country Estate Kennels will have time to socialize with other dogs in our walk and play program. Four times a day they go out in small groups to play and exercise under the supervision of our staff.

Special Needs Dogs


We also have acomodation for dogs that do not like to socialze with other dogs.


Dogs that cannot socialize with other dogs have their own time in the yards. Our play yards are secure and dog friendly, grass and trees for shade.  also have acomodation for dogs that do not like to socialze with other  dogs.


We also care for older dog and dogs with special needs, such as diet and medication.
We will administer any medications or vitamins your pet needs. Please have all medications clearly labeled with instructions and your veterinarian’s information.



At COUNTRY ESTATE KENNELS Resort & Spa, we require that our visitors be up to date with all of their annual vaccines. These include rabies, distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, parvovirus, and BORDETELLA, otherwise known as kennel cough. We require a current certificate of vaccination as verification before we can board your pet with us. Please bring your certificate with you, or have your vet fax us a copy beforehand. We also confirm FLEA protection has been taken care of with each of our guests.

Pet Happiness.


  • We leash walk on the grounds by request, or if we feel your pet needs some “special one on one time” with our staff.
  • Long term boarding guests get the care and time needed to keep them fit both physically and mentally. We want your pet happy while they are here.
  • The kennel has 24-hour care 7 days a week. We have a veterinarian on call with us, and we are 5 minutes away from any services we may need.
  • Our staff is knowledgeable and experienced in the boarding needs of your pet and will go the extra step to ensure your pet’s comfort and safety.

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Our Grounds & Facility

Recently updated small dog room and play centre added in 2019!