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Choosing a Kennel

Know the Facts

Are you looking for a kennel best suited to your needs and your pet?

The following tips and facts provide an inside look at Choosing A Kennel from industry professionals:



  • Kennel location and facility is a big factor. Boarding facilities located in strip malls, large pet stores and industrial units are limited to concrete and paved surfaces outdoors and limited space indoors. The indoor space at most pet stores is limited to a pee room and dogs are housed in crates over night, pets are never taken outdoors. Strip malls and industrial units are limited to the unit being used for boarding with the occasional leash walk in the immediate area if any.
  • Vet clinic boarding is limited to cages and leash walks and the environment is usually centered on sick animals.
  • Air ventilation, heating, air conditioning and air circulation are very important when boarding your pet anywhere; make sure the air environment is healthy.
  • The cleanliness of the facility is very important.
  • Cage free boarding is another factor when it comes to boarding your pet, problems with harassment from other dogs day and night. The sharing of pet beds and feeding your dog in a cage less environment can be very stressful, some dogs are food aggressive, some like to graze and some will eat anything in sight. Cage free boarding can be a very stressful environment. Some cage free facilities actually place your dog in a pet crate for part of the day. You really need to know if your dog can function in such an environment.
  • When making the decision on what type of boarding facility your dog is best suited, you must also ask if the boarding facility is legal, all reputable boarding facilities are licensed and fully insured, the staff is fully trained in animal care and have many years of experience in the care and boarding of your pet. Leaving your pet anywhere else is just asking for problems, health and legal.
  • All boarding facilities require up to date vaccine records including bordetella vaccine and flea protection.


We encourage you to go and visit the boarding facilities and make an educated decision.